LUX METAL is a manufacturer of a hand-made stainless steel and brass products with more than 17 years of presence on the European market. Our main products are ventilation grilles and stainless steel revision doors of any size specified by the customer. Producing high-quality products that will meet customers needs is in our DNA. Our team has a huge experience in this market. We use materials of the highest quality from several suppliers European suppliers, that help us to build great products you deserve.

We are able to produce almost every individual order, including untypical shapes and any dimensions. In our offer you may find:

For the production of our products, we use stainless steel and brass. Metals may have several variants of finish: stainless steel polished and ground, brass polished, ground and patinated.

We also offer ventilation grilles painted to any colour from the RAL palette. We are constantly expanding our assortment, design and colouring and as it was written previously, we can easily create custom-made for you. We guarantee short lead times and competitive prices.

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