Full bow – patinated brass

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Patinated brass ventilation grille – model Full Bow.

Ventilation grilles are necessary elements of the ventilation system that provides correct air flow distribution on the premises. They are the only visible elements of it, that’s why it’s important to buy grilles that will look good and fit your interior. Ventilation grilles are installed at the outlets and ends of ventilation channels, where they are usually united with screws and special sealants. They can be located on walls or floors, it just depends on your ventilation system.

Here is a ventilation grille made of patinated brass, model Full Bow. It’s made in such a way that everything is hidden under the curved brass plate. Thanks to patinated brass and stylish design it looks unique and will be an excellent decorative element.  The product is hand-made, so we can assure it has no welds or visible joints and it will perfectly fit your ventilation systems. The dimension given in the drop-down list is the dimension of the hole in the wall/floor. The grille has a 2 mm smaller keyway so that it can be freely installed in the hole. The gully depth is approx. 2 cm. The width of the outer frame of the grille is 2 cm.

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